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Getting hard copy mail to a remote or distributed workforce can be present a number of challenges. Billions of hard copy letters and packages are sent and received through the mail every year. As more and more companies convert to a mobile workforce, the question is: how to circulate time-sensitive legal, financial, and other business documents to their intended recipients. A digital mailroom can keep mail moving through your organisation without loss or misplacement, ensuring continuity.

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Address the challenge that hard copy mail poses to a remote or distributed workforce

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Designate an individual who is responsible for scanning hard-copies of mail to be automatically routed to their intended recipient. This can be done in a variety of ways:

  • TWAIN or WIA scanner
  • Desktop apps
  • Scan into department-specific document trays
  • Auto-ingest mail from a company email address

Mobile Mailroom

Scan, crop, compile, route, and store hard-copy documents from your phone through a free mobile app for Android and Apple devices.


The cloud-based filing system is easy to use and understand because of its system of digital Document Trays and Filing Cabinets. These Trays and Cabinets can be customised to fit your organisation’s needs, whether you need several, or just one.

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