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Ricoh Pro VC70000e

Breaking new ground in premium applications, the RICOH Pro VC70000e joins Ricoh’s award-winning continuous feed inkjet portfolio. This highly capable system is fully loaded with a suite of automation tools, a new Undercoater (UC8100) and the same cutting-edge features first introduced on the RICOH Pro VC70000.

Like the Ricoh Pro VC70000, the ‘e’ model has been designed expressly for the commercial print market where the benefits of inkjet are being increasingly embraced. Powered by Ricoh’s Automation Suite, the Pro VC70000e introduces new levels of productivity through the automation of many operator tasks – for example, the Ricoh Pro VC70000e will even prepare itself for production each morning before operators arrive on site. The inbuilt Ricoh Pro Scanner Option inspection and tracking system provides constant feedback on machine and job status – giving you the peace of mind that each job will be perfectly produced. In addition, the introduction of an undercoating unit increases substrate flexibility and enhances both colour gamut and image sharpness. All the features of the Ricoh Pro VC70000e are available as upgrades to existing users.