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The Importance of Cyber Security in 2021

The ins and outs of technology and security may seem tedious and complex, but understanding the importance of IT security is both necessary and surprisingly simple.

If a hacker breaches your business’s security then that’s it, game over, nice knowing you. The hacker can steal personal details from employees, logins to accounts or simply take your money.

Did you know that 86% of UK businesses expect cyber attacks to increase in 2021?

And they may well be correct. As technology evolves, the number of cyber threats businesses receive will increase because new technology means new weaknesses for hackers to exploit. Losing customers is never a good thing, but 33% of businesses admitted to losing customers due to data breaches last year. This number may be higher, however, as some businesses may not want to admit to this. It’s scary nonetheless.

The solution is simple, remember this: 1:10:100. For every £1 spent in prevention of cyber security threats, you will save £10 on correcting any issues caused, which will save £100 on failure costs should a breach take hold.

Most businesses and organisations don’t realise the escalation costs, that is why 32% of critical security weak spots are due to outdated technology. But switching to more up-to-date technology isn’t difficult.

Our most recent ebook provides a proactive defence against the threats of ransomware, analysing cyber security trends and how to identify any vulnerabilities a business may have. As a result, you will be less susceptible to cyber threats and your organisation will thrive.

Date: 8th February 2021  |  Author: Kamran Bashir