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Workspace Solutions

Featuring simple yet powerful desk booking, room booking, policies & assignment, providing you with a greater level of control of your workplace

Intelligent Room & Space Booking

Effortless booking wherever you are with full web schedule view, interactive floor plan, mobile application & room panel options.

With seamless integrations, managing your meeting becomes simple and wasted time is reduced. It’s not just meeting rooms that benefit, other spaces such as public spaces or collaboration areas can also be managed and integrated into the platform.

  • Integrates with O365 for calendar sync
  • Full Room Schedule View & Mobile booking
  • Room Panel Options
  • Pre-book visitors in advance
  • Request services
workspace solution
desk booking

Desk Booking

Providing you with a greater level of control of your workplace with the flexibility to adapt as the needs of your business change.

Whether you hot desk, fixed desk or a combination of both, we can provide clear actionable insights and drive efficiencies for your desk space.

  • Desk assignment
  • Visual floor plan booking
  • Book on web & mobile
  • Visitor desk booking
  • Track & Trace analytics

Service Management

Licensed per location, this add-on can integrate with your existing service or facility management solutions to automate certain requests.

The add-on can also run entirely on native automations by pushing emails, in-app or SMS messages to specified recipients to perform the same function.

Examples of this include:

  • Build service request forms for areas such as cleaning, food requests or parking
  • Decide what information you need to capture and how with a flexible form builder
  • Allocate or restrict requests to particular spaces such as boardrooms
  • Provide email addresses of service manager for approval and management
  • Available service requests are shown to employees on booking via mobile and desktop schedule view
service management
interactive floor plans

Interactive Floor Plans

Bring your workplace to life with interactive digital floor plans enabling highly visual, seamless booking and management of desks, rooms and spaces.

Display on any screen to put your visitors at ease and give them a frictionless journey through your office, ensuring that they leave with a positive experience of your brand. Integrate with IoT to provide real-time availability at a glance.

  • Fully customisable
  • Interactive desk, room and space booking
  • Enhanced with IoT
  • Display on any screen with digital signage

Enterprise Digital Signage

Cloud-based digital signage solution that lets you deliver meaningful messaging from your spaces and internal communications, to your digital screens.

  • Keep employees in the loop with announcements from multiple sources
  • Show real-time occupancy information
  • Easily organise content and automate existing tools
  • Design company announcements & updates from within the platform
  • Schedule updates that can be displayed in Teams, Office Signage, and more
  • Securely display real time dashboards from data sources like: Power Bi, Datadog, Grafana, Tableau
Enterprise Digital Signage
Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Add the latest IoT sensor technology to your business to gain detailed, real-time data about your spaces.

The data is integrated directly into your workplace reporting providing insights such as comparisons of booked vs actual trends and trends over time. There is a huge range of possibilities that can be tailored to your needs.

  • Real-time visibility of your workplace
  • Integrates with floor plans for people count and live availability of spaces
  • Compare booked vs actual data for true insights
  • IoT-driven policies such as auto-cancel unoccupied meeting
  • Ensure a healthy working environment for your employees using temperature and CO2 sensors

Meeting Room & Workspace Analytics

Using Machine Learning, Ceiling Occupancy Sensors capture the real-time number of people within a space.

It securely transmits statistics (no images are transmitted or stored).

The unit is powered and networked using a Power over Ethernet (PoE) or Battery connection and is easily reconfigurable should the space alter.

Anonymisation is undertaken in the cloud, ensuring that nothing remains on the local network helping with compliance.

The sensors bring to life the utilisation of your locations and resources with up-to-the-second data that can help you to truly understand and analyse behaviour and usage.

meeting room and workspace analysis




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Sensor Technology

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Workplace Hologram

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Workplace Management


Get deep and detailed information, combining the output from various modules along with any 3rd party sensors deployed, and leverages the power of AI and machine learning to deliver detailed & powerful dashboards & reports back to you with up-to-the-second accuracy.

Operations Centre

Real-time dashboard that gives you incredible insight into your business and the behaviour of your people. Features include:

  • Observe and optimise how office space is being used
  • Predict when workplaces will be busy
  • Space availability vs usage
  • Highest and lowest utilised spaces
  • Trends over time
  • Real-time dashboards
  • Facilities dashboards
  • Social distancing information
Operations Centre
Desk Occupancy

Desk Occupancy

Analysis Dashboard features include:

  • Desk Usage Trends over time (how well desks are used)
  • Busiest Desk, Floor and Area, Groups
  • Booking list detail
  • Top user of desks
  • Check-in Status, how good are users at checking in if required
  • Booking Behaviour
  • Days desk booked in advance
  • Check-in method, how are users checking in
  • Cancellation Behaviour
    • Why are bookings cancelled
    • When do cancellations occur

Location Insights

Bookings analysis for all space types, rooms, desks, floors and areas:

  • Footfall analysis if IoT sensors have been installed to get real occupancy and dwell time
  • Booking list detail
  • Space utilisation
  • Dwell utilisation
  • Booking Behaviour
  • Days desk booked in advance
  • Space compatibility
  • Cancellation Behaviour
    • Why are bookings cancelled
    • When do cancellations occur
location insights


Use this report to track & trace users in a specific location:

  • Identify users if health status changes
  • Search for specific users
  • Find out busiest periods and find who was working in same space and location as searched user


In a fully deployed environment, utilising full features such as the reporting pack (Insights) and Occupancy Sensors, these can be combined to deliver COVID-19 capabilities such as traceability and exposure scoring.

This can help you to ensure that your people remain safe and behave in a secure manner by potentially identifying areas in your locations that could become exposure hotspots.

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