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Digital Mailroom Services

A digital mailroom is a way of processing incoming paper mail using document scanning to digitise files and then route them electronically to their intended recipient - this can be especially useful where employees work from multiple locations, or remotely.

By setting up a PO box, we collect and digitise your incoming mail, delivering digital files to each employee every day or integrating data into ERP systems to remove manual data entry.

Increase efficiency

Reduce overheads

Remote & hybrid workforce

Confidential & GDPR compliant

Benefits of a digital mailroom

A digital mailroom service allows for greater productivity, lower operating costs, and better access to critical information.

  • Speed up processing of all forms of incoming business documentation, whether paper documents or digital
  • Improve decision-making with up-to-date and accurate information
  • Boost productivity and reduce response and mail delivery times
  • Support corporate policies and compliance with traceability and records management
  • Supports modern & future workstyles and provides flexibility of working locations
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End to end digital mailroom services

Key Digital's fully managed digital mailroom solutions remove the hassle and stress of receiving physical mail documents. We handle all aspects of your digital mailroom, from setting up a dedicated PO box to automated workflow solutions and hosting.

How it works

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