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Digitise. Automate.

Stay-at-home orders enacted to stem the spread of COVID-19 are slowly being lifted. State and local governments are gradually allowing businesses and organisations that were termed non-essential to open. However, many employees will continue to work at home for an unspecified time. Customers, clients and colleagues may want to interact remotely as well. Activities such as signing contracts and processing documents may once have been done exclusively in person.

It can be frustrating to keep track of documents when working remotely, and processes may be delayed due to lack of automation and workflow. That’s where DocuWare can help, DocuWare is a cloud-based intuitive digital workflow solution that securely captures, moves and archives documents across your processes. By removing the hassle of manual tasks and the headaches of cluttered shared drives, you increase the productivity of your business without increasing costs.

Perfect for:

  • Accounting & finance
  • HR
  • Customer service
  • Sales and much more

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