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Getting Mail to Remote Workers

For some, remote working is only a short term solution, for others it is permanent, yet both still create a challenge – inbound mail arriving at the office. So is there an easy way to get important physical correspondence to remote workers?

Mail being delivered to offices when most or all of the workforce is operating from their home is an issue because it means that the intended recipients of the mail aren’t receiving potentially important information. This can be worked around, however. Your organisation can:

  • Forward important mail to the correct people
  • Manually scan and email the documents to the correct people

Although, these probably aren’t the most effective methods in the long term. The same can be said for attempting to re-route mail to homeworkers from the senders themselves.

Which businesses are most affected by this?

It probably goes without saying that businesses rely on physical mail being sent to them and their audiences. This could include documents such as:

  • Contracts to be signed
  • Important customer documents
  • Invoices
  • Payments
  • Providing content for a non-digital audience

This includes businesses in industries including:

  • Legal
  • Healthcare
  • Charities
  • Government
  • Public sector

Why digitise inbound mail?

It is important that everyone receives information that has been sent to them as soon as possible. Statistics suggest that 60% of physical mail comes in the form of important business information, which a business can’t afford to miss. Often, the information being sent impacts security, finance and confidentiality for many departments.

Early capture and standardisation of documents in a digital format allows businesses to manage their workflows more effectively. The whole digital process resides in the cloud and can be activated remotely, meaning that there is no impact on the IT department.

What are the risks?

Getting mail delivered to your business isn’t the same as getting it delivered to your home. Where at home you may receive promotional mail or takeaway menus, your business will receive important information that is meant for specific people or departments.

If you are to miss any of these messages then the efficiency of the business will be negatively impacted and your business / organisation can be exposed, which can result in unreasonable risks.

Areas such as HR, finance and legal are often affected if the information isn’t acted upon quickly.

Is it worth enforcing a digital mail solution?

This solution is most often seen in larger businesses, but it isn’t exclusive to them. Implementing a digital mail solution is available to small and mid-sized businesses at a lower investment figure.

Statistically speaking, the financial return would be seen after the first 6 months of this being in place. You will see the return in the form of:

  • Quicker payments
  • Reduction in 90+ day debtors
  • Reduced manual interventions
  • Happier employees
  • Improved operational workflow
  • Fewer manual checks
  • Fewer steps to complete tasks

Click here for more information about how digital mailing solutions can be implemented in your business