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How Digital Workflow Can Benefit Your Business

Planning, designing and implementing business processing workflows can seem dull and require a lot of effort. As well as this, manual workflows can come up against numerous challenges, including:

  • Documents getting lost
  • Bottlenecks when staff are ill or away
  • Lethargic, manual processes
  • Incomplete tasks

I bet you can think of a time when each of these challenges has happened to you, or affected your work. This is where digital workflow comes into play. Essentially, digital workflow takes all the repetitive tasks and throws them into a computer. But, I hear you ask, “How will that help?” The answer is simple. Organisation.

Having a digital workflow allows you to automatically assign documents to certain staff members, sending the document straight into their task list, meaning that the chances of them “forgetting” their tasks because, say, the Post-it note they had on the office wall fell into the bin on the other side of the room, are significantly reduced.

You can create custom notifications that trigger when a workflow requires your attention and how you need to approach it. This means that instead of getting to the end of a process and then finding out that there was a mistake all along, problems can be solved instantly and are tackled before the real work is done.

You will have access to full audit trial and workflow history of every document and process. This will be useful if you ever need to refer back to a previous document or statement, as everything you could need is fully available to you.

All of this means that a noticeable amount of time and effort is saved on a daily basis, staff time is freed up to focus on important tasks, collaboration with staff is improved regardless of geographical location and office space is saved due to the reduced need for physical documents.

Find out more about how digital workflows can transform your business here:

Date: 17th May 2021 | Author: Kamran Bashir