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Secure Document Destruction

Businesses and organisations of all sizes have a responsibility to remove all sensitive and confidential information when no longer required, otherwise, they face serious repercussions.

Key Digital's secure document shredding and destruction facilities are designed to handle the destruction of confidential papers and archive documents including personnel files, payroll documents, legal records and more.

Confidential & GDPR compliant

Reduce security risks

Minimise overheads

Full nationwide coverage

On-Site & Off-Site Shredding & Destruction

We offer a wide range of secure shredding and document destruction services to accommodate the needs of your project, including:

  • On-site paper shredding
  • Off-site paper shredding
  • One-off paper shredding
  • Scheduled paper shredding
  • Paper recycling

Following the completion of each secure shredding project, we will provide a certificate of destruction confirming that the records have been completely destroyed.

shreds of paper

Types of Confidential Waste

All businesses and organisations produce various types of confidential waste that contain sensitive or personal information that must be stored and destroyed securely and compliantly. The following are examples of documents that require secure means of disposal:

  • Financial documents such as purchase orders, invoices, banking information
  • HR records, payslips, health & medical records, job applications
  • Notes, letters, printed emails


  • Range of shred & destroy options available
    On-site and off-site shredding available for one-off jobs or regular projects
  • Cost-effective
    Save as much as 25% by using Key Digital's destruction services than an office shredder, with substantial time savings included too!
  • Reduce carbon footprint
    We recycle as much shredded paper waste as possible following the destruction process, minimising waste going to landfill as well as the number of trees needing to be cut down to meet paper demand
  • Save office space
    Reduce the amount of valuable office space being taken up by legacy documents to make more efficient use of resources
  • Increase compliance
    Don't be caught out by holding documents that no longer require retention
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