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Key Digital Customers Receive Big Software Upgrade

Key Digital are delighted to announce the latest update to our Key Print Intelligence software with the launch of version 3.0. This next generation of software will offer a host of great features and applications, leading to a greater customer service experience at all levels.

Our developers work tirelessly to create a seamless integration of Key Digital’s services and business operations, with new features being developed on a constant basis. Looking to the future, the integration of a personal portal for each customer will create clarity and allow for internal tracking of all devices from an environmental and economic perspective.

Key Print Intelligence 3.0 will allow for more accurate meter readings, greater accuracy of Projected Depletion Dates, more prompt automated toner deliveries and proactive warranty upgrades on parts.

At Key Digital, we have always embraced the latest technologies and ensure that we pass every benefit onto our customers in order to give them the best possible customer service. Since its inception, Key Print Intelligence has been a fundamental part of our service operations at every point. Its advanced reporting capabilities and automated systematic operations have made it world class, not to mention the cutting edge remote support functionalities and tailored network support structure.

“This marks a new chapter in terms of what we can truly offer our customers and puts us above and beyond anyone else in the industry”, said Catherine Robinson, Key Digital’s Operations Director. “We’re always looking to extend our offering and create a transparent process where the customer is aware of every step involved in keeping their devices up and running.”

“We always ensure that we are putting our customers first, and Key Print Intelligence 3.0 highlights that. Our investment in this software will provide us with a much smoother operation that will benefit both ourselves and the people we work with. Our development team have been working round the clock to get this done, and new developments are already in the works for future releases.”

The rollout of this new software will begin on 1st December 2018, however, if you are already a Key Digital customer and you want to take advantage of these features sooner then just email for priority upgrading.