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The Key Digital Running Club – Desk to 10k!

Desk to 10k

Chair-bound, desk-bound, office-bound. This is the modern office it seems, where employees are strapped to a seat to stare at a computer all day – but we wanted to change that. That’s why we started the Key Digital Desk to 10K!

Starting on January 19th with the aim of entering a team into the Asda Foundation Burnley 10K charity run on 15th July – giving us just 25 weeks to get our team of desk-based employees with no running experience to being able to run 6.2 miles.

We began on Friday afternoon by running 1 kilometre at whatever pace people found comfortable, that distance would then increase half a kilometre per week until we reach the finish line at 10k.

Managing Director, Andy Ratcliffe, says of the idea, “I think it’s a fantastic way to get people up and away from their desks – people are taking part for all manner of different reasons, from wanting to raise money for charity to wanting to lose a few inches. I’m so proud of all the staff who are taking part, and it’s so handy having our head office so close to the canal. What could be better than a nice, sunny run down the canal to finish off the working week?”