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Mobile Workforce

If you're building a modern digital business, you need the flexibility of a mobile and distributed workforce. Key Digital's mobile workforce solutions help you build the new model of productivity: anytime, anywhere, any-device.

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Effortlessly capture. Instantly access. Always secure.

Empower your distributed and mobile workforce. Speak to Key Digital about your business needs, our consultants are happy to help


Sales in the field

Archived emails, quotes, invoices, proposals, contracts, presentations and other aspects of the centralised customer record are available on the road, in the office of a customer, or meeting with a partner.

Travelling managers

Contracts, HR documents, financial reports and presentations are a click away for managers out of the office. Our solution works on smartphones, tablets and laptops, so getting information and completing workflows is always possible.

Working from home

Teams and individuals are working from home more often than ever. Slow VPNs and messy network drives are productivity killers. Key Digital enables centralised, instant access to documents and workflow.

Distributed offices

Keeping the flow of information seamless between all teams, no matter their office location. Instant, cloud-accelerated workflow ensures all transactions are real-time everywhere.

mobile workforce

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