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Print It, Plant It

Our Print It, Plant It programme automatically converts your carbon footprint from printing into actual trees. We allow you to offset the carbon production from printing into planting trees in local forests and community areas.

With Print It, Plant It, you can return resources borrowed from the earth and restore the balance to create a circular economy.

Thanks to Print It, Plant It, you can be part of the solution - better business, better planet.

How it works

Print It, Plant It uses a series of calculators, taking into account the energy usage of all print devices, the number of pages printed and all consumables required.

This data is then translated into the number of trees required to sequester the CO2 produced through printing.

Customers then select where to reforest their consumption through our network of reforestation projects - resources borrowed from the earth are returned and multiplied!

print plant brochure

Step 1

You print according to your needs.

We automatically measure your printing volumes.

pipi print
pipi monitor

Step 2

We use your print volumes and device information to calculate your CO2 production from printing

The CO2 production then equates to a specific and accurate number of trees

pipi calculate
pipi procress

Step 3

We present you with the information in a monthly, quarterly or annual report

You choose where to plant the trees!

pipi report
pipi plant

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