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Getting the Most Value From Your Print Devices

Print and document management is often an area where substantial savings can be made for an organisation, however it often gets placed to the bottom of the priority queue. Yet there is much to be gained by taking a smarter approach to print, from subtle changes in user behaviour to a complete overhaul of how work is carried out.

The first step to take is to take an inventory of the machines you currently use, that way you can see if you’re getting the most from your existing equipment, whilst also assessing current printing activity.

A comprehensive audit will take into account all print devices, their locations, the people that use them and the primary purpose of that machine. User requirements will also be considered, asking what staff need in terms of the print infrastructure and if any improvements could be made to the infrastructure currently in place. The needs of the business in the future needs are also taken into consideration; working from home and working on the move is growing in popularity, which puts a greater emphasis on providing mobile print facilities.

So what happens with the information collected from a print audit? The print audit will give a solid idea of what should happen with the machines already in place or whether they should be replaced with newer models with greater efficiency and functionality. Upgrading devices shouldn’t been seen as just another cost as it is estimated that office workers lose four weeks a year on slow tech, and that time is very costly to organisations.

A carefully planned investment in your equipment can substantially reduce your overall total cost of ownership, therefor reducing your overheads. This is often accomplished by a combination of reducing the number of print devices overall as well as making use of functionality that makes those devices run more efficiently.