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4 Reasons Why You Need To Upgrade Your Printer

As your business grows, is your technology growing with it? Do you have a team of 20 using a 10-year-old printer that takes minutes to print a single sheet? You may think that an upgrade just isn’t worth the investment because you don’t see it as much of a problem so it isn’t high on your priority list. Perhaps you don’t realise the detrimental effect that having an outdated piece of office equipment is having on your organisation – here’s why you shouldn’t stay in the technological past:


A brand new photocopier may seem like a costly purchase but it is more than likely that you will save money overall. With cheaper printing costs per page and increased efficiency and productivity, the saving made from investing in a multi-function printer (MFP) is endless.


Printing technology changes vastly over the course of a year, so if think how much it has changed if you’re still using a 10-year-old machine. The quality of printed documents and output speed has increased massively – many MFPs can now rival print houses for document quality.


It is almost always cheaper to buy a new machine than to keep fixing and patching up an old one. Investing in new equipment will increase reliability, thus reducing the odds of breakdowns and costs repairs.


Aging multifunctional printers can be extremely vulnerable to data hacks simply because they are no longer updated or considered by organisations as part of their IT security. Data security holes can be patched by keeping print devices up to date because software is still being maintained and adjusted.