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Printing in Education – Choosing the Right Photocopier for your School

Whether it is for copying worksheets, student records or for administrative purposes, schools always need multiple copies of the content they produce. However, such high-volume printing and copying can quickly ramp up costs in terms of initial outlay, maintenance and material costs. This is why it is important to get the best deal possible and be equipped with the right knowledge to attain it.

This article outlines why copiers are important to schools and suggests useful buying tips to maximise your ROI and minimise costs.

Why Do Schools Need Photocopiers?

In many lessons, schools have moved away from writing notes in exercise books to tasks guided by worksheets or instructions, so students can better demonstrate what they have learned. Educational publishers who produce the worksheets may provide class sets, but at quite a high cost. This is generally due to the cost of materials and the transport of such large quantities of paper to schools.

It is much more cost effective to provide the master copy for each worksheet and sell schools the copyright license to photocopy as necessary within the school. In secondary schools, in particular, a teacher may have up to three classes doing the same task during the week needing 90 copies of the same worksheet.

Being able to photocopy the correct number of worksheets for particular classes allows schools to budget more carefully and not waste money on extra and unused worksheets. Course specifications can change frequently so a worksheet used one year might not be appropriate the next.

Teachers will regularly create their own resources to tailor the task to a particular group of students or use those shared by other teachers either within the school or online. These resources need reproducing so every student has access to the work. Having additional worksheets easily available without prior notice is particularly useful to supply teachers who are often filling in at the last minute with no real lesson planned.

The Perfect School Copier

For many teachers, the school photocopier is one of the most important pieces of equipment – and the most important quality of a school photocopier is reliability. School life is hectic and the last thing a teacher needs is a temperamental photocopier that refuses to work at 8.50am in the morning when year 8 are already arriving for their English lesson.

Schools are increasingly under stringent budgets reducing the amount that each department can spend on resources. A photocopier that can print double-sided is beneficial to a school wanting to reduce the amount of paper it uses throughout the term. A passcode entry system is useful to monitor the photocopying use for different departments and provide budgeting information.

The ability to produce stapled booklets is also invaluable when replicating the booklets produced by exam boards. The more familiar the students are with the layout of their exams, the more relaxed they are likely to be when sitting final assessments.

Many students have specific learning needs that require their work to be displayed in a certain way, often on a larger scale. Having a photocopier that can enlarge texts easily is a great support to teachers working with these students.

Moving Forward

Unlike previous generations of smudged, monochrome printing copiers, modern photocopiers have been developed to be able to print, collate, fold and staple significant quantities of paperwork.

This has enabled schools to reduce administrative staffing levels and put the costs towards other essential equipment. Also, working in colour and producing high quality pictures has enabled schools to create resources and displays to effectively promote and encourage their students’ learning.

Next Steps

To find the perfect photocopier for your school, get in touch and we will match you with the device best suited to your needs.