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Epson Monna Lisa Evo Tre 8

Monna Lisa Evo Tre is an industrial digital textile printer based on Total Solution, the fully integrated system where all components belong to the same process to guarantee the best printing results and the utmost customer satisfaction.


Excellence and productivity in digital textile printing

The high quality and productivity of Monna Lisa Evo Tre derives from Epson’s advanced PrecisionCore 4-chip print heads. Symmetric head ensure consistent bi-directional printing, improving both print quality and productivity. Optimized Variable-sized Droplet technology guarantees extreme accuracy in reproducing nuances and very detailed or geometric patterns, as well as the best quality/speed ratio. Productivity is further increased by easy maintenance and minimized downtime.

Flexibility to meet any printing need

Epson’s inkjet printing technology is characterized by the flexibility to print on a wide range of media. This is also true for Direct-to-Fabric printing. With the Monna Lisa Evo Tre you have a single printer that meets a variety of different production needs and applications, as it can print on any type of fabric by installing the corresponding ink types. Flexibility also means a full range of configurations by number of print heads (8 in this case, upgradable to 16 heads at the factory) and printing widths (up to 220 cm).

Easy ink management

Genesta is the family of inks specifically designed for the Monna Lisa Evo Tre series. It is available in four different types according to fabric or application: Acid, Reactive, Disperse and Pigment. The exclusive vacuum-packed degassed ink management system is designed to obtain the maximum efficiency while minimizing ink waste. Colour ink racks are available in different capacities (3 L as standard, 10 L optional).

Epson Edge Print Textile

Quality, productivity and versatility is further enhanced by software specifically designed to get the most out of your Monna Lisa Evo Tre. The freedom to use other RIPs or textile CADs is one of the printer’s main flexibility features.


  • High quality and productivity
    Configuration with 8 PrecisionCore Micro TFP print heads, upgradable to 16 heads at the factory
  • Maximum printing speed
    234 sqm/h (156 Lmt/h) (300×600 dpi, 1 pass)
  • Ink management
    Acid, Reactive, Disperse and Pigment inks in different capacities (3 L as standard, 10 L optional)
  • Extensive software compatibility
    Epson Edge Print Textile for Monna Lisa Evo Tre and the flexibility to use other RIPs or textile CADs