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Epson PaperLab A-8000

PaperLab is the world’s first in-office paper secure recycler that turns waste paper into new paper using a virtually dry process powered by Epson’s unique Dry Fiber Technology. This revolutionary on-demand solution enables your business to securely destroy sensitive information, recycle, reduce its societal and environmental impact and take control of paper supplies.


Completely destroy sensitive information

  • Highest security certification (Level P7)

Turn waste paper into new paper – on demand

  • Produce up to 720 sheets per hour
  • Produce different stocks up to 240 g/m2
  • Produce different colours

Assist with Sustainable Developmental Goals

  • Contribute to the circular economy
  • Responsible water usage
  • Reduce your CO 2 footprint
  • Remove the supply chain


Destroy and recycle sensitive documents on demand

When data security is crucial for your business, PaperLab delivers absolute certainty that key confidential waste is safely and effectively destroyed. It removes toner and inks and takes the waste paper back to its fibres

  • Your information stays safely on site and is never entrusted to external contractors.
  • This new solution goes way beyond conventional levels of information destruction, with a rating of P7.
  • ISO/IEC 21964-2 Security Level P7: Destruction of data carriers in such a way that the data on them cannot be reproduced with current technology or scientific knowledge (<5 mm² particle size)

Upcycle and create paper on demand

PaperLab has the versatility your business needs, being able to produce paper at high speed and in a range of formats and finishes on demand:

  • Size A4 and A3
  • Plain paper stock at 90g/m2
  • Card stock from 150-240g/m2
  • A range of colours
  • Business cards
  • Notepads

PaperLab can handle waste paper in A4 or optional A3 sizes, and copy paper from 64g/m2 to 108g/m2.

PaperLab can produce up to 720 A4 sheets or 360 A3 sheets per hour after the first sheet has been produced, which equates to 5,760 sheets per 8-hour work cycle.

First sheet out time is three minutes. This recycled paper can be used with ordinary laser printers, inkjet printers and copiers.