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Ricoh IM C2010

Fully featured, this intelligent 20 ppm A3 all-in-one printer is equipped with an ARDF and can print, copy and scan in colour. Its super-sized 10.1-inch Smart Operation Panel features an intuitive touch and swipe interface which simplifies operation. The screen lights up on approach to save time, allowing users to pre-select applications and settings. And, because the all-in-one printer incorporates Ricoh’s Always Current Technology, it is easy to download new features.

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Equipped with an Automatic Reverse Document Feeder (ARDF), the IM C2000 automates the scanning process, automatically turning double-sided documents and scanning each side in turn. Digitised information can be distributed by email or saved to a network location. Immaculate high-resolution colour output is produced as a brisk 20 ppm and, taking full advantage of the all-in-one printer’s A3 capability, vibrant full-colour brochures and banners can be produced in-house and neatly finished, using an optional finisher.

  • Fully featured 20 ppm A3 colour all-in-one printer
  • From a family of intelligent and easy-to-use A3 colour all-in-one printers
  • Document feeder (ARDF) automates scanning processes, turning double-sided documents and scanning both sides
  • Super-sized 10.1-inch Smart Operation Panel and Intuitive User Interface simplify operation
  • Eco-friendly stapleless finisher (option) neatly crimps document sets
  • Ricoh’s Always Current Technology ensures that the all-in-one printer adapts to changing business needs
  • 20, 25, 30, 35, 45, 55 and 60 ppm models all share the same advanced functionality