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The Heat-Free Technology That Could Help you Meet your Sustainability Objectives

Recent research suggests that 44% of European businesses now consider environmentally-friendly initiatives a priority, and around 38% recognise the importance of Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR).

However, wanting a greener future is one thing. Making it happen is quite another.

Cost and time constraints mean businesses and public sector bodies often struggle to improve their CSR performance, a challenge that is increasingly unacceptable to customers who are demanding more transparency from the businesses they engage with.

But there’s one area where cost savings and a greener future can go hand-in-hand; a heat-free solution that can significantly contribute to your sustainability objectives, save money and improve process.

Epson business inkjets: Saving money, saving time and helping to save the planet.

Smart organisations across Europe are already achieving greater operational efficiencies while enhancing their bottom lines, reputations and the wider environment.

The key is Epson’s heat-free business inkjet technology. As its descriptor suggests, this innovative technology doesn’t require heat in the printing process. That means less energy, and lower energy consumption means lower cost.

This can of course be an advantage with just a few printers in a branch office, but it’s a gold-plated benefit if you have a fleet of hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of devices.

In fact, energy consumption is reduced by up to up to 95%.

And if a switch was made by all businesses across Europe from laser to Epson business inkjet, over 1.8 billion kWh of energy could be saved each year – the equivalent of powering a fleet of 1.2 million electric cars.

In turn, CO2 and typical cost would also diminish. A similar total exchange of laser for Epson business inkjet printers could see businesses across Europe saving up to €213m each year in energy costs – or 636,000 tonnes of CO2; a volume it would take 29 million trees a year to absorb.

But it’s not just energy reduction that’s driving this shift. Waste is also significantly lowered, with far fewer consumables required; or needing manufacture, transportation, storage or disposal.

The analysts are taking note

According to IDC’s Phil Sargeant: “One in three devices being sold into an office environment is a business inkjet. Inkjet has made huge strides forward and now the cost, time and environmental benefits are so compelling, it’s a technology no one can afford to ignore.”

Match your organisation’s sustainability objectives against the savings made possible by Epson business inkjets, and suddenly you’re in a better place.

And so is the rest of the world.

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