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How to Safely Reopen Your Business

As lockdown restrictions ease and we can all go out to meet friends or sort out our out-of-control heads of hair, businesses will begin to reopen their doors and allow people to purchase their wide variety of cosmetics, stuffed toys or pastries. The very things many of us have been craving!

Now, let’s look at this from a business owner’s perspective. You want your employees to feel safe coming back to work, you want your customers to feel safe while they scour the shelves for sweet-smelling soaps. Well how do we go about this?

The answer is quite simple: digitisation. As well as helping you keep control of your documents, digital archiving, digital workflow, data capture and digital transformation, digital solutions will allow you to:

  • Provide contactless visitor and employee check-in/check-out
  • Record health screening information while maintaining data privacy
  • Enable compliance with national guidelines
  • Help employers maintain an ongoing safe work environment

Our COVID-19 screening form ensures that all of our employees can safely enter and exit the building without fear of catching or spreading COVID-19. Each morning, every employee will have their temperature taken, they will note this down when they sign in via an app and then they are free to roam the building. However, social distancing measures are still in place, therefore each person will maintain their 2-metre distance from each other.

This straightforward process ensures that all employees, customers and visitors are being protected as best as possible against COVID-19.

Why not take some time to learn more about how this all works and how it can be applied to your working environment by clicking here:

Date: 3rd May 2021 | Author: Kamran Bashir