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Document Scanning Services

Key Digital's document scanning bureau provides complete end-to-end document and records scanning services. Features include intelligent data capture, secure document storage and certificated shredding.

Tackle the paper problem and remove the need for physical storage. Our service is here to help you move your paper-based processes to digital workflows so that the documents you need are simple to find and use.

Whether you’re looking to improve customer service through improved information availability or increase internal productivity by ensuring that your employees have easy access to documents, we offer a tailored service designed around your needs.

Full OCR data capture

GDPR compliant

BS 10008 Electronic Information Management

ISO 27001 Information Security Management

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Key features & benefits

Key Digital's Scanning Bureau service gives you increased control of your document processes.

The service includes:

  • Consultation with our industry experts to create a bespoke solution designed around your business
  • Document collection and preparation
  • Scanning of your hard copy documents
  • Document indexing for easy retrieval
  • Records management and quality control checking


Moving your paper-based document management to digital processes means that you benefit from:

  • Fast access to your information where and when you need it most
  • Reduced risk of error and document loss associated with manual processes
  • Easier regulatory compliance through improved access to information
  • Improved performance against environmental policies with a move to paperless work processes
scanning and archiving

National Coverage

We offer nationwide coverage with 24/7, 365-day document collections and deliveries providing full flexibility depending on your solution requirements

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All employees have undergone Governance Training and have signed Confidentiality Agreements in place. We use unmarked vehicles to maintain confidentiality and security

secure services

Fully Secure

Full end-to-end tracking from point of collection to storage and delivery, operating within and exceeding many recommendations for stored documents including BS 5454

Bulk Document Scanning

Large-volume scanning of documents into digital files allows you to free up valuable office spaces and create easily accessible searchable files. Our professional team is on hand to ensure the smooth running of operations, enabling the transition from paper to digital.

bulk document scanning
back scanning

Back Scanning

Digitise your old paper archives such as HR files, Finance documents, Invoices, Client files, and any legacy documents that require access in the future.

Day Forward Scanning

Simplify the “crossover period” from paper to digital with our day-forward scanning service. Select a date in the future where all archives are scanned, and from then on scan new documents as soon as they’re created.

day forward scanning
hybrid scanning solution

Hybrid Scanning Solution

A hybrid scanning solution provides options around files and documents which have different levels of activity. Some documents which are fairly inactive can be stored offsite and scanned on demand as required. Active files can be digitised into searchable files stored in a central repository.

Digital Mail Room

Using a PO Box or onsite setup, incoming mail is categorised and junk mail is sorted before being scanned and indexed with the data required, then routed securely to the correct person or department.

digital mailroom
ocr scanninh techonology

OCR Scanning Software

Empower your workforce with Optical Character Recognition scanning of daily documents, feeding data straight into business systems and saving time on manual data entry.

Accounting & Finance

Invoice, year-end files, expenses and bank statements

Human Resources (HR)

Personnel files, training records, occupational health files, payroll documentation


Case notes, customer records, judicial files, deeds and wills


Lloyd George records, patient files, GP notes and X-rays


Planning and building regulation files, housing records, benefits and microfiche


Pupil and staff files, exam documentation, attendance records and files


Plans, design files, guides, part references and training documentation


Delivery notes, shipping information, manufacturing notes and invoices


Inventory management files, logistics and warehousing documentation


BS 10008 is the British Standard outlining best practice of electronic information management systems, thus establishing the authenticity and integrity of information. The aim is to maintain the authenticity and integrity of the electronically stored information (ESI) so that it is accepted in a court of law without dispute. This is important in cases where the ESI might be used as evidence.

ISO/IEC 27001 is the standard for information security management systems (ISMS), establishing best practice in data protection and cyber resilience. The ISO/IEC 27001 set of standards enables organisations to manage security of assets such as financial information, intellectual property, employee data and information entrusted by third parties.

Document scanning is the process of capturing information from physical paper documents and converting it into digital formats such as PDF or JPEG.

As documents are scanned to BS 10008 compliance, you don't need to keep the original paper documents for them to be legally acceptable. With your permission, documents are then shredded (excluding wills and deeds, which cannot be destroyed), alternatively, documents can be stored securely or returned to you if required.

When processing sensitive and confidential data, you can be assured that all employees have undergone Governance Training and have signed Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements. We use unmarked vehicles to maintain confidentiality and security with full end-to-end tracking from point of collection to storage and delivery.

Every document scanning project can vary from the number of documents being scanning, boxed, processed, indexed, OCR capability, and digital document delivery method. However, we do offer a free consultation service and no-obligation quote - get in touch to get started today.

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