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Epson SureColor V1000

The Epson SureColor V1000 is Epson’s first small-footprint UV flatbed printer for the promotional goods industry.

This highly compact and affordable A4 device can print directly on a wide range of substrates with a thickness of up to 70mm, including acrylics, polycarbonates, PVC, aluminium, metal, polyester, foamboard, styrene, wood and stone, making it ideal for creating personalised items.


Featuring an integrated ink pack system with 6 colours (CMYK plus white and varnish), the SC-V1000 produces extremely precise and detailed images, which can be easily customised. With a highly compact footprint (699mm x 699mm), the printer fits easily onto most standard workbenches and desktops and, as no space is required behind the unit, can be placed in corners or against a wall.