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Ricoh MP 305+SP

This compact multifunction printer is ideal for small and medium-sized offices that need the flexibility to print A3. Includes 30 ppm speed, intuitive smart operation panel and quiet operation.

The option to print A3 is just the tip of the iceberg. Boasting a 10.1 inch Smart Operation Panel that supports a new Intuitive User Interface, you can instantly access Smart functions direct from the homescreen – which simplifies operation. Boasting innovative technologies, this extremely compact machine can easily fit in any office environment – including on the corner of a desk – and its unique technology achieves extremely quiet operation, so it can be located almost anywhere without disturbing workplace productivity.

  • Compact A4 Smart MFP with A3 capability using the bypass tray
  • Native user experience and simplified operation with 10.1 inch Smart Operation Panel
  • Operates extremely quietly, ensuring an undisturbed workplace
  • Inexpensive to run with an all-in-one solution-ready configuration
  • Can offer powerful software capabilities with Ricoh solutions such as Streamline NX, GlobalScan NX, Device Manager NX, Ricoh Scan CX, Ricoh FlexRelease