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Cloud Optimisation

Simplify, automate and optimise your cloud infrastructure

Organisations, like yours, invest money and resources to keep IT systems current and compliant. Cloud offers greater scalability, flexibility and agility - fundamental capabilities needed for digital transformation and to remain competitive. Adaptability and innovation are essential for sustainability and growth plus, cloud will help you reduce complexity and costs.

Scalable, managed cloud solutions
All your business needs will be supported with our mixture of multi-cloud and hybrid cloud services, and our consultants work with you to define your cloud journey objectives.

  • Consult, design, deliver and migrate with a multi-cloud or hybrid cloud solution
  • Improve flexibility and security
  • Increase business agility
  • Boost productivity
  • Keep your data protected

We offer a brand-agnostic approach so you have the platforms and systems that suit your specific needs without constraints.

cloud optimisation
data centre

Cloud, Hosting and Data Centre

Energise your business with complete cloud solutions

The increased digitalisation of everything from data to devices is disrupting organisations. Many lack the infrastructure agility and flexibility required to consolidate, automate, standardise and virtualise their systems.

Hybrid, on-premise or cloud
We help companies overcome this by implementing the right mix of hybrid cloud solutions - on-premise or in the cloud - to provide efficient, scalable and secure infrastructure and services.

Hybrid, on-premise or cloud
We have a local and international delivery network and certified technology experts that enable us to provide reliable, responsive IT support - regardless of the scale of your operations.

Cloud Management & Orchestration

Ensure your cloud solution runs harmoniously

Cloud infrastructure is growing and starting to take hold in many organisations, allowing businesses to become more agile and respond to increased workloads. But it is also making work processes more complex, both on private and public clouds.

Access any major cloud vendor
Take control of your IT infrastructure with cloud management and orchestration and handle every part of your cloud environment. We work with all the major cloud solutions vendors, including Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google Cloud. Our highly qualified team supports you in developing a tailored solution and centralising all your cloud environment management.

cloud management
cloud migration

Migration Services

Minimise risks and disruption to your business

Cloud infrastructure offers many benefits, but not all data or applications are necessarily suitable for migration. You need to consider everything from business continuity, security risks and resources to legacy systems and application design.

Expert consultancy at every step
We work with you to analyse your application environment, help you identify the right approach to choosing a cloud hosting platform and reduce the risks you’re exposed to - during migration and once you’re settled. Our specialists ensure the transition is fast and cost-effective with minimal disruption to your current business.

Cost Optimisation Services

Save costs, build profits

Manage your infrastructure investment
With cloud infrastructures growing, costs are also rising for organisations - and with limited budgets allocated to keeping existing legacy environments up and running, resources may not always be spent effectively.

Save costs, build profits
Manage your infrastructure investment spending and performance with our automated dashboard and reporting tool for a complete overview of your cloud. With a long-term view of your business, our experts build a flexible action plan so you can control costs, increase profits and grow your business.

cloud cost optimisation

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