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Digital Transformation

Businesses and organisations are becoming increasingly dependent on technology to run their businesses, and as the Fourth Industrial Revolution takes hold that reliance will only become stronger.

Digital transformation projects may come with varying goals; you may want to go paperless, find a new home in the cloud, digitally communicate and collaborate, or change your business processes.

With Key Digital by your side, you can drive your business transformation strategy to success. We will advise and support your digital transformation project to help your organisation deliver real change in how your business operates and uses technology.

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Innovate. Empower your staff. Improve your bottom line.

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From first touch to payment, remove the manual steps in dealing with invoices.

Digitise and centralise every employee's records.

Share, edit and archive contracts, proposals and sales collateral.

Keep critical business information securely archived and accessible.

Access the right documents and processes without boundaries.

Address the challenges that hard copy mail poses to a remote workforce.


Work smarter, reduce waste and deliver better, faster results for customers and open up more time in your employees' daily schedules.

Implement comprehensive tools that serve key sector needs, allowing project-driven engineering companies of all sizes can win big in precision, reliability, efficiency and effectiveness.

Securely streamline processes in a DPA compliant way for secure image and content delivery across disparate information systems.

From applications and onboarding, through daily management, annual assessments, and offboarding. Easily track and report on the entire lifecycle.

Securely and seamlessly extract data from any legal documents to automatically process and store in specific client folders in their final destination.

Increasingly stringent compliance guidelines, coupled with the need for more efficient business processes requires automation.

Digitise processes and consolidates paperwork to boost operational efficiency, improve customer service levels and meet document retention standards

Graduate from paper files and messy file sharing, regain control over your documents and processes.

Manage your data smarter. No more security risks, missing information, lost documents and tedious manual tasks.

Case studies

Smithfield Foods Ltd

Food & Drink | Norwich, Norfolk


To curb administrative bloat, meat processing company Smithfield opted instead for more efficiency. Today, employees are no longer hunting down documents. Now the information flows to employees - an essential building block for future growth.

"Thanks to our DMS, we aren't wasting time on searches and filing. For our organisation, this amounts to recapturing a good 85 hours per month - which is roughly the working time of a part-time employee.”

- Ralph Farrow, IT Manager, Smithfield Foods, Norwich, United Kingdom

Contract Vehicles Limited (CVL)

Logistics | Leeds, West Yorkshire

contract vehicle licensing-min

CVL manages fleets of over 12,000 vehicles for customers from Great Britain and Ireland. Thanks to digital document management, the volume of paper has drastically been reduced and processes made faster, more transparent and more customer-friendly.

"We have succeeded in replacing error-prone, paperbased workflows with automated digital processes. Employees and customers alike benefit from the solution, both in the form of higher efficiency and an improved service level.”

- Geoff Swaby, IT Manager, Contract Vehicles Limited (CVL), Leeds, West Yorkshire

B&M Retail

Retail | Liverpool, UK

b and m-min

Rapid growth can overwhelm individual departments. At retail giant B&M, the Human Resources department could hardly keep up with new hires. Today, a digital document management system controls the entire onboarding process for the company.

"What were once manual tasks are now handled by fully automated workflows thanks to the DMS. New employees can now be onboarded within a few hours - instead of weeks. Without process automation, we would not be able to meet the new legal requirements for onboarding."

- David Grady, IT Director, B&M Retail, Liverpool

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