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Collaborative Learning

Higher Education is seeing a rise in hybrid methods of teaching and learning that combine traditional face-to-face teaching with tech-powered remote learning and collaboration. As technology continues to evolve, the need for a traditional campus classroom will decrease.

This means that more students will attend lectures and study for qualifications remotely, enabling universities to attract students from across the world, without them having to physically be on campus.

Key Digital's Collaborative Learning offers universities a way to differentiate themselves and achieve global appeal and recognition, via boundary-less communication and collaboration. It gives them the opportunity to attract students and teachers who would otherwise be unable to consider overseas institutions as an option.


Key features & benefits

Key Digital's Collaborative Learning gives Education Institutions the opportunity to think global and act local through collaboration.

  • Attract more students and faculty from around the world
  • Enable students to attend class and study remotely
  • Connect multiple classrooms or campuses
  • Facilitate collaboration with other universities, both locally and internationally
  • Reduce costs and save time, due to reduced travel needs

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