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Choose Color-Logic if you’re looking to print embellishments at a fraction of the cost typically associated with metallic printing.

The solution provides printers and converters with an accurate colour communication system to work from. It is also one of the world’s first colour communication systems for printing on foil and reflective substrates when using white ink and CMYK.

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See it in action

Get access to the Color Logic Corporate Marketing Brochure and Brand Drives Demand single pager, which explains in detail about the Color-Logic system and it’s core components and key benefits.

Create beautiful designs

The Color-Logic Design Suite component allows you to create a wide range of decorative print embellishments in seconds, using automated metallic colour palettes and plugins for Adobe Creative Suite/Creative Cloud.

Unlimited embellishments

Create vivid metallic colours and decorative print embellishments limited only by your imagination.

No added capital cost

Color-Logic works on any device that has white ink capability.

Faster time to market

Automated metallic palettes, plugins, and FX-Viewer software eliminate trial and error.

Build your own colour charts

Produce your own colour charts for 100% accuracy instead of matching generic swatch books.

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