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The 5 Biggest Security Threats to your Business

As your business grows, the importance of protecting your data increases too. Work today means a multi-platform, multi-location operation is normal – your employees might be increasingly separated by time, distance and device. So what are the 5 biggest single threats to your growing business interests?

  1. Data loss / theft

In 2017, the Ponemon Institute found that the average cost of a data breach was $3.62m globally, and this cost is set to increase. That’s why one of the biggest single concerns for any business should be the potential availability of data and the ensuant threat of loss.

  1. Data corruption / alteration

Recent hacking scandals have proven that no organisation is completely immune to attacks. With the growing threats from ransomware and malware, businesses should be looking to protect data from damage as well as outright theft.

  1. Data availability

Is your data secure? Working via a modern network poses risks, as changing government regulations such as the GDPR seek to avoid, that data security is a vital part of your business strategy.

  1. What to comply with

Government regulations now look to punish businesses with fines for failing to secure their systems and data appropriately. The arrival of GDPR signals a new era of compliance. By examining your data now, you can avoid costly penalisation later.

  1. Proving compliance

Just as compliance is vital, so is ensuring your business has the right documentation to fully evidence that you adhere. This means evidencing a variety of steps to minimise the risk of theft or loss, throughout a document’s lifetime.