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Why It Is Important to Protect Print Devices in Your Business

Office print devices have evolved past the phase of simply printing with no other features. They have now become devices that can hasten many important business processes and the cornerstone of many modern-day offices.

In spite of this, more technologies and possibilities open up more potential security threats for people to exploit. According to a Quocirca survey, 63% of companies have suffered at least one printer-related security breach.

Office printers and photocopiers now have to be accessible to all in the business, whether they are in the building or not. Workplaces depend on the ability to connect with co-workers wherever they may be via a cloud network, in order to print, scan, send and receive emails.

Based on all of this, the security of our printers is of the utmost importance.

Potential security threats include:

  • Theft of printed assets from the document tray
  • Accessing previously scanned documents from the memory
  • Submitting false print jobs to provide a remote cyber-attack
  • Network vulnerability due to an unlatched print device
  • Data breaches of secure information such as customer information and financial details

Now, it should go without saying that it is important to keep your print devices safe and secure at all times.

How can you protect your devices?

Ensure your devices allow:

The ability to lock printers – Access control features make sure that only authorised individuals can unlock and use printers. Access can be recorded via the use of PIN and security codes.

Data encryption – Built-in encryption security assures that all data passed to the device is encrypted. Any temporary information stored on the device is overwritten.

Device management – Automatic software updates keep modern office print devices to solidify optimum protection from digital security threats. With the devices constantly connected allows them to ensure they are running the most up-to-date software.

End-of-life cleaning and disposal – Unimportant hardware requires just as much care and attention as your average insignificant laptop. You must ensure your print partner provides certified end-of-life cleansing / hard drive removal to make sure that all information is clear before disposal and recycling.

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