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Data Integration

Information can enter your business from many different sources, from paper documents, emails and shared folders to applications such as accounts packages, CRM and ERP systems. This information network needs to be connected in order to deliver maximum efficiency and productivity.

A stand-alone system will be forced to cut corners, but our solutions collaborate with your existing infrastructure for full compatibility and effectiveness, meaning you'll be full steam ahead to success.

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Ensure standard working practices across all systems with top-level management and fully accessible data to the people that need it. Tie your business processes together so that they operate in harmony, with digital processes keeping things slick

Challenges you may be facing

  • Re-keying of information or duplicating processes across different systems
  • Difficulty searching for and locating information stored in, potentially, multiple unknown systems
  • Having to either cut corners or invest in additional products due to systems not communicating
  • Needing to jump between multiple applications cause delays in productivity
  • Lost time, money and resources due to process inefficiencies
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How we can help

Key Digital's data integration solutions deliver business-wide advantages through improved processes across multiple departments. With faster access to information, your teams will be able to complete tasks quicker than ever before.

No matter what industry you work in, the advantages are endless. Reinforce your reputation for excellent customer service by solving customer queries and issues instantaneously, dramatically improve cashflow by streamlining your finance processes, or facilitate production teams to collaborate and bring products to market faster.

Key benefits

  • Save time, money and resources
  • Improve process efficiency through system integrations
  • Eradicate double-entry or work duplication
  • Improve information access whilst protecting sensitive data
  • Allow your people to concentrate on what's important
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Case studies


Manufacturing  |  Manchester, UK


Customer focus, steady improvement and innovation are some of the core values that have helped Swagelok Manchester to become a leading provider of fluid systems solutions. Digitising business processes has helped to increase internal productivity.

Unlocking possibilities to achieve higher productivity levels

"Everything is now filed and easily retrievable in one document repository. Our Customer Services team achieved a time saving of approximately 15 hours of filing per week. The system has provided greater security, retrieval is simpler and faster, with all the information accessible from any location."

- Sue Brennan, Information System Manager, Swagelok, Manchester, United Kingdom

DAF Trucks

Logistics  |  Eindhoven, Netherlands


Exceeding top quality standards in both production and administration are key for achieving high customer satisfaction at DAF Trucks, a commercial vehicle manufacturer. At the heart of this is a central document pool.

DAF sees a lift in customer service and a fast return on investment (ROI)

"Today, around 600,000 outgoing invoices and 450,000 incoming invoices are processed annually via automated document workflows. The time savings is enormous and our support and service of our dealers and suppliers has been significantly improved.“

- Treun Kremers, IT Project Manager, DAF Trucks, Eindhoven, Netherlands

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