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Automating the HR Department

As we are all probably aware, the HR department of any business is incredibly important. They ensure that employees are productive and protect the company from any internal issues. However, this means that they are likely using a vast amount of paper on a day-to-day basis, and there is a simple way to get around this.

Yes, using Google Docs or Dropbox is paperless. And yes, they are quite easy and convenient to use. However, that isn’t the solution. These apps only allow multiple people to work on a project at once, they don’t protect you from fraud or cyberthreats, they can’t manage a full document lifecycle and they can’t automate workflow. But who really needs all that stuff, right?

You. Yes, you. With a document management system, comes centralization, privacy protection and business process efficiency. All employees of the business can use one system, which enables a consistent approach throughout the whole organisation.

As a paperless HR department, paper records are replaced with a centralized digital repository, which protects sensitive employee information. What more could anyone ever want?

Bullet points, exactly. Here are 5 ways paper can be eliminated for good with an automated HR process:

  1. Recruitment – The hiring process can be started with a simple employee requisition eForm, which is filled out on a computer or mobile phone and is then centrally stored. The hiring workflow manages all communication between HR staff, managers and the applicant.If an applicant is unsuccessful, then they are sent an email telling them that. If an applicant is successful and accepts the job, the onboarding and provisioning process are ticked off, so an organised start is guaranteed for the starter.
  2. Onboarding – This process begins as soon as the applicant accepts the job. As opposed to filling out monotonous forms on paper, they can fill out one eForm and all the data is stored. This information can then be applied to many different documents, making life easier for everyone.
  3. Performance Management – When set criteria are completed, an automatic notification will find the manager and employee to tell them than an appraisal is due. The process of creating and delivering the appraisal is followed until it is finished and is entirely customisable.
  4. Employee Separation – If an employee is to leave the business, a separation eForm is launched by the document management solution which includes all necessary exit documents to be signed. This automated process ensures that nothing is missed and the company’s security is safe.
  5. Compliance – Manage all HR documents in compliance with the company’s rules. Employee information is stored in a folder which can have customized access rights among managers, employees or HR.

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Date: 25th January 2021  |  Author: Kamran Bashir