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What Does “Document Solutions” Actually Mean?

“Key Digital – Document Solutions”, what does that really mean? The term ‘document solutions’ refers to a range of services offered to aid the workflow of an organisation by tracking the life cycle of documents at every stage of the process.

Emails, invoices and letters are all being sent between staff, customers and suppliers, along with reports being created and administrative documents being produced. The cost of accommodating this array of documents is substantial and it is estimated to be the third largest cost to an organisation.

Almost every business activity will be put into document form, that means that a document management system is necessary in order to take control of documents and maximise the efficiency of business resources.

The life cycle of a document is vast: creation, editing, printing, scanning, indexing, retrieving, distributing, archiving. The resources that go into this process are equally as extensive: paper, ink, printers stationary, delivery, archiving systems, security measures – not to mention the cost of the staff that use all of these resources.

Implementing a document management solution will give you the ability to:

  • Understand document activities in the workplace
  • Recognise under-utilised print devices
  • Increase productivity and workflow levels
  • Gain improved document security
  • Reduce wastage
  • Efficiently assign resources
  • Gain insightful reports into printing habits
  • Automatically order toner replacements and other consumables