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DocuWare can make mobile working easy

Flexible workplace models play a leading role in retaining employees. In times of crisis, however, they also benefit us in other ways.

In the age of Industry 4.0, rigid, inflexible structures have no place anymore. Businesses who want to stay ahead and retain good employees in the long term must be highly flexible in every respect. Agile, automated business processes and flexible working models are the key to success.

New working structures for greater speed and customer satisfaction

Initiate a process in the office then continue to work on it from on the road and perhaps even complete it? With DocuWare’s document management system from Key Digital, all of this is as much a part of today’s work routine as the smartphone in your pocket.

Salespeople can access customer files and current order status information via their mobile devices. Customer service scans orders, data and delivery notes signed on the go, automatically forwarding them to colleagues in internal order processing.

Thanks to mobile workflows and apps for iOS and Android, everyone in the team can work seamlessly and in real time. This ensures agile and faster business processes, increases service quality and creates trust among customers and prospects.

Improve the work-life balance of the workforce and retain employees

But agility and flexibility are also very important from the employee’s point of view. A survey by Bitcom Research has shown that more and more employees want a better balance between work, family and leisure.

For most employees working in manufacturing, construction, trade and food and hospitality industries it is difficult to shift their work to the home office. However, according to Dr. Bernhard Rohleder, CEO of Germany’s digital association Bitkom, many jobs can now be done “at any time and from any place thanks to digital technologies”. This is especially true for the business services sector. “But flexible and agile work is made difficult by legal regulations,” continues Rohleder. “Regulations such as the rigid eleven-hour minimum rest period and the eight-hour day instead of a flexible maximum weekly working time are no longer appropriate and need to be reformed”.

When employers address current needs and allow remote and home office options for their workforce, there are benefits on several levels.

Business challenges when skilled workers are in short supply

On the one hand, it ensures greater satisfaction in the workforce and thus greater employee loyalty. In times of a shortage of skilled workers this increased flexibility also pays off in terms of recruitment. Potential candidates may no longer be satisfied with a nine to five schedule with mandatory physical presence in the office and time clocks. Working parents are a good example of a sector of the workforce who are dependent on a high degree of flexible working hours and remote work environments.

Thanks to digitisation and mobile document management, good and productive teamwork no longer must take place between nine and five in the office. Key Digital and DocuWare offer reliable solutions for seamless information sharing, secure data and automated workflows – anywhere and anytime the enterprise and the employees need it.

Reduce rental costs with mobile workstations

Companies also save on rental costs through a flexible workplace arrangement. Since fewer employees are in the office, less office space and furniture are required. The available space can be better used for retreats, lunchrooms, on-site childcare, additional meeting rooms, sports activities, training, etc.

Ultimately, modern businesses create the necessary conditions and infrastructure to quickly switch to home office mode in times of a crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic. For those enterprises who could quickly adapt to this “new normal,” not only does their business continuity remain intact but they could also act swiftly to protect their most valuable resources – their employees.

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