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Legally Compliant Signing From Anywhere – No Paper Needed

Decentralised working is an integral part of our changing world. Yet the need to sign contracts promptly and in a legally recognised manner remains. Key Digital’s Electronic Signatures makes both possible by integrating digital signatures into workflows.

Contracts and other important documents can be signed in a timely and legally binding manner even when all parties are not working on site – especially now, when so many of us are working from home. Various security levels provide the necessary evidential value. And Key Digital makes them especially simple to use.

A workflow for signatures

To provide the infrastructure for securely signing digital documents considered “advanced” and “qualified,” our solution works with Validated ID and DocuSign as external signature service providers. Documents waiting to be signed can be easily transmitted to one of the signature service providers with the help of an automated process. The service will then verify and confirm the identity of a signer and return the signed document with the signature certificate to the system.

Validated ID and DocuSign offer various authentication options and numerous features for applying signatures. For an advanced signature, authentication takes place in a two-step process via phone call, SMS or access code, depending on the method and provider selected. Key Digital’s Electronic Signature solution provides qualified signatures with an identity check from both providers. You can also set deadlines with automatic reminders for signing, have a document signed in multiple locations, or have a copy of the signed document sent to the signer.

Getting started with electronic signatures

Integrating electronic signatures with your existing systems is easy to set up thanks to our preconfigured solution. Whether it’s registering with signature service providers and creating a new signature configuration via web form or the signing workflow itself: The most important configurations for digital signing are ready to go.

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