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How to Save Your Employees 42 Days a Year

Ricoh’s latest research shows that modern employees want speed and flexibility. Without the right workplace technology, the results show we are wasting the equivalent of 42 days a year. Implementing the right technology in the right ways can get that time back for you and your employees.

Automate processes

41% of employees say that they want a reduction of mundane or repetitive tasks in the workplace. 36% believe that new technology should automate admin tasks. Automation technology is becoming more mature and capable all the time. It looks set to take over a variety of tasks that are currently costing employees’ time.

Work smarter

Nearly half of employees (44%) want more immediate access to data. They want the ability to make faster, better-informed decisions. This will save them time as well as improve their decision making. Obtaining and processing data faster will increase productivity.

Employees believe that artificial intelligence will give them better access to data. 52% believe that AI will be the most beneficial technology to their future work. Improved decision making will reduce the time spent in group meetings. It may even eliminate the need for meetings altogether. 37% of employees identify meetings as the largest waste of their time in the workplace.

Enable remote working

Fewer meetings will give employees the chance to work from home more often. 42% of employees say remote working is the main benefit they want from new technology. Remote working means greater flexibility for employees. It will also reduce commuting times, which 29% of employees view as the biggest waste of their working day.

Technological integration is paramount to freeing up the greatest amount of time possible for employees. Employees want to spend that extra six weeks a year increasing productivity. Greater productivity will mean greater job satisfaction and a more digitally empowered workforce.