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Scanning & Archiving: The Tips & Tricks to Make it Work For You

As specialists in the field of Document Management Solutions, it can be surprising to us that so many organisations still struggle with the fundamental step of scan/capture and have very manual processes that cost them so much wasted time, effort and money.

We wanted to share some practical advice on ways to help you dramatically improve the scan process and consequently many other aspects of your business processes:

1) Scan with settings resolution at 250+DPI and format as searchable PDF

It is always important to ensure that documents are of a quality that meets the basic requirements for compliance, legal admissibility and searchability by OCR (Optical Character Recognition). OCR is a technology that enables the conversion of different types of documents – such as scanned paper documents, PDF files or images captured by a camera – into editable content and searchable data.

Benefits – This gives you higher quality documents in digital storage, increased security levels on the data and means that document searchability is much easier and quicker without the need for expensive additional resource.

2) Scan all of your documents at once

Use settings that offer “separator recognition”, which will allow for the scanning of a variety of documents: different page sizes, multi-page documents, multiple document types. Also, capture the “index data” and use this to automatically name and file your documents, where possible.

Benefits – Accuracy, efficiency and uniformity amongst stored documents as well as huge time savings on the capture process.

3) Scan using custom settings to auto-rotate, de-skew/de-speckle, remove blank pages and detect double feeds

Benefits – Significantly superior and far more effective scanning of documents than any standard manual, traditional scanning and storage methods. This will greatly save on space, time and money for your business.

We hope this information proves interesting and helpful to you, and if you don’t have the time or don’t have any/some of these features we are always very happy to help you and talk you through our scanning and capture solutions.

In the meantime, have a look at our Scanning & Archiving Compliancy Whitepaper.