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Document Capture Pro

The Epson document capture suite platform is a range of software solutions for capturing and routing electronic documents at the click of a button.

Whether you're on the go, running a small business, or responsible for a large corporate organisation with hundreds of employees, Epson software helps to build a better business environment.


Key features


Scan, save and share information easily. Use advanced features for naming, separating and routing documents makes scanning easy. Save and send files in common formats like PDF, jpeg, tiff and other formats. Create job profiles for one-touch push scanning.

Administrators create job profiles

  • Create the most efficient workflow
  • Users see simple mode user interface
  • With pre-set or uploaded profile icons


Automatically sort and separate large batches of paper documents into smaller digital files using a range of clever technologies.

Fixed page

As administrator - you decide how many pages should be in each document file. The software does the counting for you and creates a new document every time the limit has been reached.

Blank page

Insert blank pages into your batch of paper files before scanning. Every time the software detects a blank page it will create a new document for you.

Patch code

Insert patch codes into your batch of paper files, or even have them printed onto lead documents. Patch codes are a great way of separating documents as they are a unique standard that are not often used in normal printing.


With Document Capture Pro Server Authentication Edition - Devices can be controlled by IT managers easily using LDAP Active Directory, user ID and password, access card login, and PIN code.

Upon authentication, users gain access to bespoke job profiles that ensure greater control and maximise data integrity. Additional lockdown functions minimise unauthorised user access and profile amendments, helping to protect system integrity.

Size Detection


Auto rotation

Rotate a document automatically by detecting the orientation of text using OCR capability.

Automatic paper size detection

Scan mixed documents of different sizes. Automatically detect and crop pages to the correct size, all in a single batch.

Text enhancement

Improve the sharpness of text in digital files to create sustainable and legible documents.

  • Better clarity for improving OCR accuracy
  • Reduced show-through when scanning documents printed on both sides

Remove punch holes

Reduce file sizes and gain better image quality by removing punch holes from scanned images.

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