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Document Management for Education

School systems are spending more time and resources managing technology for remote learning and hardware-intensive projects like providing students with laptops. Other issues including virtual recruiting and hiring, collecting student information, compliance and responding to potential cyberthreats are as pressing, but there often isn’t time to do it all.

Key Digital's solutions address many of these concerns. Managing evolving technology needs without adding work for the IT team. Our tools protect confidential student records against cybersecurity threats and natural disasters with a fail-safe disaster recovery plan.

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Solutions designed for the changing needs of education centres

Specialised training schools, colleges, universities and schools all benefit from our solutions. Our industry-leading document management and workflow automation tools organise, secure and process critical information: employee documents, pupil records, compliance and certification information, and much more.


Document management and digitisation are changing the game for education centres

  • Use public-facing eforms that parents can complete online to collect registration information, health data and permission for participation in extracurricular activities
  • Create automated workflows so all administrative processes run smoothly and quickly
  • Allow permission-based access to HR records such as job applications, teacher evaluations and benefits enrolment documentation
  • Adapt to the need for remote hiring, onboarding and maintaining faculty credentialing records
  • Track admissions and financial aid through shared access to files and speed up processing with retrieval and routing tools

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