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Document Management for Enterprise

Keeping your teams productive doesn't require sacrifices in managing information. With Key Digital's solutions, you gain powerful document management and process automation that keeps information flowing effortlessly through your workforce. No more security risks, missing information, lost documents and tedious manual tasks. Manage what matters in the smartest home for your documents.

Our tools provide critical information management capabilities that drive employee productivity and total corporate performance. Your enterprise gains significant efficiency from reduced manual labour, reliable and instant information availability, and end-to-end security.


A modern platform for the most demanding teams

Our tools and solutions are realised on a modern technical infrastructure that delivers the scalability, security, protection and integration flexibility that organisations require - but retaining an extremely user-friendly interface for easy adoption across teams.


Collects and protects documents

  • Capture documents from scanners, MFPs, email, drag-n-drop from desktop and more. Automatically extract key data fields.
  • Protect every document with ultrafine access rights and state-of-the-art data encryption

Enforces business rules

  • Design workflows that precisely aligns with your business processes and monitor the status of any document
  • Assign tasks and alert team members with instant email notifications

Connects distributed teams

  • Instantly retrieve documents from one central repository to share, edit and annotate documents with high-resolution version control
  • Access information from any device, anywhere, any time with a browser-based client and mobile apps
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