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Document Management for Healthcare

Despite technological advances in other areas, many hospitals, emergency facilities and healthcare providers still use out-of-date systems to manage document-intensive processes like billing, finance and human resources.

With fast, secure and flexible document management software from Key Digital, you can drive new cost and time savings while providing high-quality patient care.

Document management and workflow automation digitises paperwork and organises it in a secure repository for quick retrieval. Organisations gain new efficiency by classifying and routing any piece of content that comes into the operational side of the organisation, from employee records of staff to invoices and legal documents.

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Built for the changing needs of healthcare

Hospitals, emergency care facilities and medical practices benefit from Key Digital's tools and services. Our industry-leading document management and workflow automation organises, secures and processes critical business information: employee documents, patient records, compliance and certification information, and much more


Focus On Electronic Documents And Digital Processes

A document management system acts as a central repository for organisation-wide information, where patient, staff and billing functions may all be handled from one place.

This improves the efficiency and accuracy of document-centric tasks, from submitting insurance claims to reconciling office visit payments. In all of these workflows, the routing of the information to the proper person in the process is done automatically, saving time and costs.

Compliant Electronic Management Of Medical Records

In the healthcare industry, effective electronic document management meets governing requirements by tracking who stored each document and the document storage date, as well as who accessed the document and each access date. Access rights may be assigned automatically to each electronic medical record or on an as-needed basis. Overall, security for medical records may be easily managed based on document type and electronic file cabinet.

When a regulated environment has clear, simple procedures that are easy to follow, concerns over compliance issues turn into a focus on patient care and comfort, enabling you to ensure a patient experience that surpasses other offices.

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