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Document Management for Manufacturing

Automation and manufacturing usually go hand-in-hand. Automation improves speed and accuracy while also limiting exposure to risk.

Document management is a big part of the manufacturing process that should be automated. Centralised, digital document management for manufacturers saves time and reduces the risk of error.

Our tools centralise, secure and share documents for product development, quality assurance, purchasing, invoice and order processing, human resources and much more.

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Built for the dynamic needs of manufacturers

Our industry-leading document management and workflow automation solutions organise, secures and processes critical business information: employee documents, client records, compliance and certification information, and much more.


Quality Control Paperwork

In manufacturing, quality control often involves a supervisor walking around the shop floor doing spot checks and filling out paper forms. This can lead to documentation errors, bottlenecks in information flow and communication problems.

When you digitise these quality control forms, the right people gain instant access, providing faster insight into trends, metrics and other information.

Replacing the pencil and clipboard with a tablet device and stylus is the first step toward digitising your quality control process.

Product Documentation

Discrete manufacturers regularly use documentation such as a bill of materials, which accounts for all the raw materials needed to manufacture a product at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Depending on the complexity of the finished product, these bills of material can be lengthy, and several versions may need to travel with a product as it moves through assembly.

Digital document management improves this process by centralising information and making it instantly accessible from within your system.

Rather than tediously trying to work backwards to locate the defective parts, you simply pull all of the digital documentation associated with the product to immediately pinpoint your problem.

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