Epson Print Admin

Epson Print Admin is a server-based solution that creates a secure printing, scanning and copying environment through user-authentication with card readers, logins/passwords and PIN codes. It also offers additional features such as ‘scan and send to me’, user education notifications and enhanced administrative tools that provide welcome boosts to productivity, environmental goals and efficiency.

Epson Print Admin includes all the features you need to monitor and cut your print usage, and to make sure that secure or confidential documents aren't left at devices.

Epson Print Admin

Take control and easily optimise your businesses' printing trends to cut costs and your environmental impact.

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Optimise your print environment

Evaluate for free

All the benefits of EPA are yours to enjoy for free – with no time limits – on up to two devices. If you acquire more devices, simply purchase additional licences through EPA's easy-to-understand, easy-to-implement licence scheme.

Secure device use

User profile authentication protects against unauthorised use of your devices, creating a secure printing, scanning and copying environment. Employees are identified using ID cards, typed log-in credentials or a PIN code.

Reduce waste

Documents are only printed once the user releases the job at a compatible device. This eliminates the most common cause of print waste – forgetfulness – while simultaneously enhancing security.

Educate employees

Notifications can be set up to educate users about responsible printing. That way, you can discourage users from unnecessary or wasteful full-colour printing at the point of print job creation.

Integrate with ease

EPA allows for seamless integration into your current IT infrastructure, regardless of whether your system is LDAP-based on not.

Enhance productivity

Personalise the user interfaces on compatible devices to specific employee profiles so they spend less time looking for the right functions, and more time getting things done. The ‘scan and send to me’ feature, for example, increases productivity by sending an email with the scanned document attached to the authenticated user at the touch of a button.

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