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Introducing the Key Digital PS 3,000,000

Key Digital are traditionally a photocopier reseller for the likes of Ricoh and UTAX but have now begun to expand into product development with our latest offering, the PS 3,000,000.

The product aims to tackle document security issues as well as increasing productivity and efficiency within office environments. It uses an innovative system to produce shredded documents with the click of a button – eliminating the time inefficiencies of retrieving documents from the print device and then having to walk to the shredder.

The development of the Key Digital PrintShred 3,000,000 began as a response to the announcement of new regulations regarding data security, namely GDPR. Key Digital’s R&D Director Graham Smith says, “So often printed documents containing confidential information are left sitting on a photocopier that anybody could take. Our solution ensures that situations like that never occur; as soon as the page is printed it gets instantly shredded so that prying eyes can never see it.”

Research conducted by Key Digital finds that the average office worker spends 200 hours per year printing and then shredding documents which costs organisations thousands of pounds in wasted time.

“It is a sound investment for any business or organisation and the benefits are seemingly endless,” says Andy Ratcliffe, Key Digital’s Managing Director. “It is a revolutionary product and the first of its kind in the marketplace with genuine demand out there.”