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Key Digital & Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability and health are the top priorities of many people’s 2021 list, and as a business dedicated to our vision for creating a better future for all, we can get on board with this. Back in 2017, we selected our key CSR themes that sit at the heart of our organisation, they include:

  • Aligning business operations with global social trends
  • Compliance and alignment with regulations
  • Ongoing commitment to local communities

Key Digital are using its efficient, practical, forward-thinking ways of working to drive new processes and concepts that encourage better practices. Our goals are the same as those of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations centred around:

People must be the main focus point of any business, whether they be the customer or the employee. For a business to be successful, the people must feel motivated and compelled to deliver their best day in, day out.
This is also the case for Key Digital. Our success is built upon an environment that works for all, by offering care, compassion and professionalism. We listen to employees’ concerns and requirements while simultaneously investing in our future through skill development and career progression.

We comply with environmental laws and regulations, just to clarify. Our commitment links back to incorporating environmental, social and governance priorities into our daily practices.

We make our operations more sustainable by:

  • Ensuring our suppliers align with our values and are committed to creating a more stable environment in the future.
  • Using virtual communication methods as opposed to physical travel where possible.
  • Engaging employees in environmental projects such as generating less waste, using less energy and providing alternative travel facilities

Key Digital believes in the regions in which we do our business, which explains the providing of many employment opportunities and the steps taken to help improve livelihoods among our areas of work.

We show how much we care about local communities via employee volunteering, benevolent efforts and our broad range of social initiatives which have been put into practice over the years.

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Date: 1st March 2021  |  Author: Kamran Bashir