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3 Printing Stats You Need to See


The average office worker prints 8,000 pages per year, at an average cost of £600

Say your organisation has 10 members of staff each printing 8,000 pages per year, that’s 80,000 pages at a cost of £6000. 50 members of staff? That’s £30,000. 1000 members of staff? £600,000! It is fair to say that print costs add up to be a sizeable proportion of your total revenue and these costs are often the biggest overlooked costs in any business.

You may think that 8,000 pages per year seems like a lot – and you’d be right! But think about what you have printed over the last 12 months: presentations, contracts, proposals, invoices, reference documents, emails. Worst of all, many of these documents will just be thrown straight into the bin without an ounce of consideration for the cost or the environmental impact.

23% of all help desk calls are print-related

Printing is an essential function in pretty much every office around the world. However, many offices are still using old and outdated equipment, despite the many problems and help desk calls that have to be made due to paper jams, faulty scanning or document imperfections. It is estimated that as much as 23% of help desk calls are print-related – that’s almost one in four!

Think about the effect that printer downtime has on your business; staff members sitting twiddling their thumbs because they can’t print out an invoice or scan a form. Productivity levels take a tumble as soon as your ancient and decrepit photocopier goes offline, a cost that surely adds up to more than the cost of upgrading to a new machine.

Managed print services can reduce operating costs by 30%

Finally, a helpful statistic. A managed print service will streamline your internal print processes and leave you with up to 30 percent more in your print budget than before. That 30% saving is made up of the following: reduced hardware costs, reduction in waste, reduced energy consumption, lower toner consumption.

Not only will a managed print service save you money, it will also make your business more efficient and therefore more productive.