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Better Healthcare Through Better Print Management

It’s a bold statement but a true one. In today’s digital workplace and with modern technology there are more and more ways that industries are contributing advancements to people’s healthcare.

The healthcare industry is looking to health technology for help and this is where Key Digital and print management software can play a part. Simply by configuring your settings to control your print output, you can automatically manage your print costs – freeing up funds that could potentially be re-used on other life saving equipment.

Print tracking a healthcare salve

The thought of a lesser level of care being provided by not tracking printing is an odd thought. But when you consider the printing complexities within a healthcare organisation, it’s easy to understand that providing efficient ways to output patient wristbands or pharmaceutical scripts can make a huge positive impact.

Contributing to your HIPAA compliance

It’s not just efficiency in output and managing costs that Key Digital adds to the health industry. The most well known policy in the health sector is HIPAA – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance. This was introduced to ensure security and privacy and overall compliance standards were met.

By having watermarks on documents, the printer of the printed material can be clearly seen. Attributing a user to a print log as well as authenticating users at the printer ensures that users are linked and assigned to their documents to prevent unintended shared documents.

So print management actually supports the health industry as this innovative software makes adding security, watermarking, digital signatures, and secure print release simple and configurable.

If you’re looking to bolster your compliance, Key Digital offers you this capability.

Want to help us shape our solutions for the healthcare industry?

If you’re a regular reader of our blog you’ll know that as a company we’re big on sustainability, environment, and people. We aim to craft solutions that improve customer journeys, experiences and beyond.

The beyond part is sometimes very difficult to quantify. Our solutions are not always the first thought from users – we’re in the background working hard to make a positive difference.

Are you working in healthcare and have some ideas for improvements? Something you’d like to see in our in? Don’t hold back, let us know because we want to work with you and continue to provide solutions to drive enhancements so that we can make an even greater positive impact. We want to increase the number of organisations that provide efficient and effective output using print management. That’s the Key Digital way.

If you want to get in contact with us, share ideas, thoughts or feedback you can also jump on our LinkedIn or Twitter. We’d love to hear from you.