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Does Colour Consistency Matter For Your Business?

Consistent colour is critical for creating strong, emotion-packed messages. It doesn’t matter whether your customers require brochures, promotional mail, banners or catalogues — consistency is crucial to both the brand recognition and message impact.

According to one research study, colour increases brand recognition by 80% – think Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Microsoft. Do their vibrant colours stand out to you? They’re meant to.

Yet, the value of colour consistency goes beyond brand recognition. In fact, this same study cites that colour can improve reading comprehension by 73%.

The stats are persuasive. And companies purchasing print are demanding high-value colour and the ability to keep it consistent, no matter the application. As such, the push for better, more affordable digital colour management tools is on. The good news is that these tools have become just that: more affordable and more versatile. What was once the domain of high-end print providers has now shifted to the “printer on the street,” so to speak. Today, nearly any size shop can find a colour solution to fit within its budget and business goals.

With today’s advanced colour management technologies, customers no longer have to settle because of colour limitations. Getting the exact right colour is not only possible, it is affordable — thanks to improved colour management.

Given the fast pace of change and challenges, should your company or department invest in colour management technology now? To most effectively make this decision, let’s consider the print landscape of the future.

  • The boundaries of colour matching and colour manipulation will continue to expand in high-end businesses, especially as traditional print services providers move to becoming marketing services providers, where consistent branding is crucial. Consistent colour underpins consistent branding by generating a common “look and feel” across marketing channels. Correct colour management can ensure that banners are highly saturated for visibility, brochures look natural and even screen prints on a T-shirt look right.
  • Print service providers producing “pleasing colours” will invest even more time and attention in colour management. Smart colour management leads to improvements in both operator efficiency and process control, which cut down on make-ready and production time — and ultimately increase the bottom line of any size business.
  • Print service providers will further demand colour management solutions that help them run their business — not just a bunch of devices. They will insist on knowledgeable consultants who can recommend total solutions. As with any other technology investment, colour management tools do require an investment in personnel training. To cover this base, companies are purchasing the services of IDEAlliance Certified Color Management Professional Masters and Experts, who can ease the pain and speed results.

Your competitors are aiming to pump up customer satisfaction, reduce production time and waste, and lower overall costs. Choosing the right colour path, the right tools and the right partner can help your business reach into a colourful new marketplace.