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How could a 5th Colour Station change your print business?

Increase your market presence with the Ricoh 5th Colour Station. Remarkable custom colours and special effects allow you to differentiate your business and attract new customers.

Develop new applications with customised effects using neon yellow, neon pink, white, clear and invisible red toners. The 5th Colour Station is easily swappable, expanding the creative options you can offer customers.

Go beyond CMYK. Collaborate with your customers to improve the impact and readability of vouchers, postcards, safety sheets, packaging and flyers. Like neon pink, neon yellow can be blended with other process shades to create nearly endless possibilities.

Get noticed with neon pink! Use it as a solid, highlight or graphic colour for magazines, direct mail, retail materials and point-of-sale items. Or, combine it with other process shades to create a neon palette. The toner is reflective under UV light ― an attribute that extends the range of possibilities beyond standard CMYK, white or clear printing.

White toner serves as a base on clear, coloured and metallic substrates to enhance colour and image vibrancy. On window clings and back-lit displays, you can print white in a single pass with the same density typically achieved by multiple offset passes. Clear toner emulates a metallic effect, adds protection to watermarks and, when used as a spot gloss, produces sophisticated-looking postcards, business cards, vouchers and security patterns.

Invisible red toner reacts with ultraviolet rays to emit fluorescence and confirm authenticity. With support for invisible red toner, the Pro C7200x Series lets you offer a secure, in-house and value-added printing solution to clients, whether they need tickets, coupons or other applications that require security.

Why not evaluate the Pro C7200x Series’ quality and versatility for yourself? Click the “Request samples” button to request print samples and to learn more about these industry-leading colour digital presses.

In addition to the affordable cost of entry to high-end digital production printing, you can discuss ideas for expanding your sales opportunities and increasing profit margins.

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