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Epson SureColor SC-T3700E

24-inch technical printer

A fully integrated printer with 6-colour pigment ink (Pk, Mk, CMY, Red), high levels of data and access security and remote management.

The SC-T3700E combines high productivity with security to support day-to-day SME business printing needs. Thanks to its 6-colour UltraChrome XD3 all-pigment ink, including a red, businesses will be able to accurately replicate company logos and print strong vibrant images on posters and temporary outdoor advertising. Peace of mind is delivered by the 28 security features and on-site warranty.


High speed and high capacities

Speeds up to 130 m2/hr and 700ml ink cartridges the SC-T3700E can deliver high-volume print jobs fast, without compromising on quality.

Versatile design

The compact, simple, elegant design integrates all the standard features without fussy bolt-on options. Its clear-cut appearance means it will fit into most working environments without looking out of place.

Ideal for retail and hospitality environments

The contemporary and versatile design is ideal for most working environments, with a flat back, front and sides it allows installation tightly against walls and cabinets. Save regularly used files securely on the encrypted 960GB SSD. Monitor usage and consumables remotely.

Detailed and Vibrant prints

Whether printing large quantities of detailed technical drawings, temporary signage and POP posters for retail and hospitality, the prints are precise and vibrant.

Key Features

  • High productivity – Fast, versatile and secure printing from PC, mobile and USB
  • Enhanced security features – Protect highly confidential documents with ease
  • Versatility – Automatic media loading and Save to functionality
  • High image quality – 2.64-inch Micro TFP printhead delivering 3.5pl droplets
  • Valuable options – 960GB SSD and (optional) production stacker